When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone that voted on our poll. The voting has ended now and the chosen feature people wanted to see more of was relationships. I’ve already covered it before but I’ll go into more detail.

Once you’ve taken care of your crops and animals, you’ve probably decided who else is out there in the town. Well there are lots of candidates to choose. Each candidate will give you benefits for choosing them as your crush. Today we have chosen our hunk weight lifter Sam.

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Each candidate has their own unique personality which gives them characteristics. If you have found the one you’d like to get to know then you can keep talking to them which will boost the love but if you talk to much he’ll get bored and slowly fall out of love.

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Maybe you’ve decided that it’s going to take forever to get to know someone and you want to quicken things up by offering them gifts. Offering a certain gift that matches with their hobbies and personality will increase the love by a huge amount. Gifts that don’t match might make your crush want to give it you back and decrease the love meter.

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If you have given the wrong gift, your crush can give you hints on what he would prefer. If you get it correct, your love will increase by twice the amount. Once you’ve fallen in love it’s time to marry which we’ll save for another time.

Make sure you watch out for the event valentine’s day. It might be the day you get very lucky and earn the love that you’ve been waiting on.

Remember don’t talk to much!
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