Well now that it is over… Time to get back on it.

Hello, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year. Hopefully this year will be as good as last year and we can bring even more titles to you. I’m also looking into getting a wider audience for the game. We have decided that we would like to support ‘ThaLegend‘ Live Stream by giving him access to a development build of Farm Life: Natures Adventure PC port which he will be showing later this week.  I will be giving youtube channel ‘AgniKai Productions‘ our first review copy of the PC port.

*PC features*
Full controller support (Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers).
Coop support for two players (Keyboard or controller).
Render pixel art in finer detail up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Google Play Services Cloud sharing your mobile game save to your PC game.
Much more…

I have made the PC version available to pre-purchase by purchasing now you will receive the first available demo when ready and a copy of the android version now. If we decide to steam greenlight you will receive a redeemable key.                          >>Purchase Here<<

Now let’s get on with the updates coming to Farm Life: Natures Adventure for PC and mobile.

  • Ethnicity – I added this feature because I wanted people to feel like they are part of the game. The choices you make it game should also reflect the person you are in life and to do that you at least need the character to be a representation of you.
  • Farm Rating – Your farm will be scored overall on the type of crops you have growing during seasons, how many animals you have on your farm that are healthy and you will be able to watch your progression better using this feature. This will also have a leaderboard on the Google Play Store to complete with other people online.
  • Rival – When you first start your farm you will be assigned a rival on another farm that will compete against your farm. You can visit the rival farm using the nearby railway system that will take you on a journey.
  • Much more…

Here is a sneak peak.