Update 1.6 is ready to be published!

We have now polished and finished Update 1.6 for Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I know this has taken a while and I’m happy to get it out to all of you that love playing it.

-Update 1.6-
★Added support for coop play(PC only).
★Added support for controller(PC only).
★Added support for graphical options(PC only).
★Added race selection for your character.
★Added trees to your farm that allow you to grow fruit (apples, pears, oranges and cherry’s). You will be able to see your trees grow from nothing to something in the matter of days. Maybe waiting a little longer for that extra piece.
★Added pickaxe to players inventory to allow use of mining. The pickaxe is located in your inventory > equipment > other tools slot > pickaxe.
★Added trains to take the player from the marketplace to the rival farm. The train is the safest way to get from one side of the map to the other. It is quick and completes the journey in no time.
★Added rival farm which is just a train away. You can also compete with this farm by getting your rating up by planting crops, gaining new animals and even just playing. Your rating bar will only appear whilst outside in your farm area.
★Added a mountain that players can now mine for the new ores (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald and Diamond). The cave in which you enter is randomly generated either upon exit, overnight or another floor. You must go down the mine to reach better ores.
★Added in a new movement system that allows the player to simply press the arrow movement instead of the current touch function. I’ve also added a new button near the options menu to allow your character to move slower.
★Added NPCs to randomly appear in certain parts of the town, marketplace, beach and rival farm.
★Added four new NPCs (Lily, Spencer, Gazania and Carleon). Lily is part of the rival farm and sister to Spencer though you cannot have a relationship you can still become friends. Spencer is part of the rival farm and brother to Lily though you cannot have a relationship you can still become friends. Gazania and Carleon are both a newest relationship candidates. When I added race into the game I decided it was time to add some different characters in that could support the new functionality hopefully you will see what I mean.
★Added new customization options to the starting menu that allows players to choose their characters more towards them. You can now select gender, race and colour of starting clothes. There is also a preview window where you can see your character before you begin.
★Added in new shopkeeper (Lurica) mother of Gazania and Carleon which currently sells trees that can grow in your farm. You can have a maximum of five trees and once planted they cannot be returned. That purple shop that was in the town has now opened for business.
★Added another new shopkeeper (Mary) she currently has nothing for sale but has opened her shop to show you the upcoming fashion she can provide. She will also let you switched your clothing in store if you haven’t purchased the upgraded house. Each time you visit she will be wearing different types of clothing.
★Added water reflection for most of the objects that appear over the water.
★Added in a new options system that has taken away most of the clutter and just keeps it simple.
★Added a new shopping system that now shows prices more better on your items and the shopkeepers.
★Added Lii U in your home that will allow you to access cheats if you know them. This was done by character name but decided to change the system.
★Added new inventory space for fruit and ores. I’ve moved currently grown crops into its own section. Eventually I would like to make the inventory system simpler maybe in one big section but I’ll leave it for now.
★Revamped game time. Patch 1.5 timer was 10 real-life minutes to complete a whole day. Now it’s 15 real-life minutes to complete a whole day.

Bug Fixes
★Fixed NPC issue some NPC not accepting their proper gifts.
★Fixed Intro issue in which the intro wouldn’t follow progression.
★Fixed Detection issue collisions bouncing the player out of bounds.
★Fixed Animal issue where dying animals would become permanently dead every night.
★Fixed Gifting issue certain crops and item were not giftable
★Fixed Money issue where the money would over count and sometimes appear over the HUD.

★Removed time skip option from the menu. Added feature to allow you to be able skip time when interacting at the bedside table.
★Removed get mail through online connection as this was running the background which could take a lot of mobile data. Decided to add more mail from your parents and relationships.

Patch notes are too long for me to continue on what I’ve added/fixed/removed. Those of you that are interested in the PC version it is ready.