Update 1.3


I will be submitting Update 1.3 soon. Here is the change log and a picture.

+New save system implemented to show data from saved records.
+New character customization that allows you to change your clothes.
+New festive bedding for your baby bed, double bed and single bed.
+New starting menu with festive spirit and a sprinkle of snow.
+New outside Christmas trees in spring and winter.
+New customization for mayor of town to be able to change furniture to Christmas trees.
+New music for Christmas which will overwrite current title screen music.
+New jukebox within the Inn which will allow you to change the current music being played. This will only work for the current day not for the entire game.
+New demo version available on the Google Play Store which is limited to 30 minutes play through and cannot be saved.
+Increased starting monery from £500 to £1000 to help the new Christmas players.

Bug Fixes
+Fixed save file from corrupting whilst saving and exiting the game.
+Fixed data from saving whilst going to sleep.
+Fixed issue with baby bed not loading current house bedding.

I do plan to add more to the game within the next couple of months. It’s the most wonderful time of the year which limits the amount of time I can work on my projects. Remember your requested features may end up in the game.