Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Hello Everyone,

Since our last patch we’ve made great progress on a lot of features ready for the release of Steam Update 1.0.2

We would like to say this is a feature we have always wanted to announce for Farm Life: Natures Adventure from the beginning of development and now its starting to come together perfectly.

Steam has been a great help in getting exposure to Farm Life: Natures Adventure and to well BlockheadGames in general… When we put our game on Steam greenlight, the feedback was great and whilst we learned on how to promote, market and distribute our game during that phase, we will do better next time around. We got through greenlight and released our game on Steam. We knew that Steam wouldn’t just be a platform for us to distribute our game on but a platform we could grow on and learn more about developing with the community that play our games.

Therefore, we have now added the full Steam API into Farm Life: Natures Adventure so you won’t need to save your pictures locally. Now, you can upload them to the community hub and show everyone else your town, townsfolk and your progress. This will also add Achievements that were disabled at launch.

The biggest announcement that we have for you today is…

Online Multiplayer


We have integrated online multiplayer into Farm Life: Natures Adventure we are still working on this feature and we can’t wait for you all to join us. We have a fully working server to peer version playable on our public test build in which you will be able to join from tomorrow.


All our previous updates from 1.0.1 and our newer features from 1.0.2 will be crossing over to mobile tomorrow. We will be looking into getting multiplayer to work cross-platform when we have a full stable version ready for our players on steam.

New Additions

  • Added all crops to be mixable in the mixer though only some crops make blend able recipes.
  • Added collector box to your farm yard to be able to quick sell crops.
  • Added blossom petals to rival town now called (Blossom Farm).
  • Added faded portraits to all NPCs conversations which looks visually appealing.
  • Added fish in the water that are catch able this adds to the element of only fishing when fish are visible rather then just fishing anywhere. Depending on the season fish will spawn in different areas and sizes.
  • Added smaller hearts for candidates that can have relationships. This will replace the big heart that is normally in the centre of the conversations.
  • Added part time payment increases the more you work at the inn.
  • Added yes and no option to go down the cave ladder.
  • Added seasonal calenders animations to the players home.
  • Added sign to clothing shop to state that it is currently unavailable.
  • Added version number to start menu and included new font within the game directory.


  • Fixed sound and music still playing whilst option was toggled off.
  • Fixed money flicking issue when leaving a location. This could cause the money to become out of sync with the current value.
  • Fixed some spelling, grammer and text issues.
  • Fixed pets not following the player to certain locations (beach and rival farm).
  • Fixed cave ladder not detecting player location values correctly.
  • Fixed picking up crops and placing them into inventory animation.
  • Fixed some positioning issues with candidates during marriage scene. (I guess some of them didn’t want to get married.)
  • Fixed water animations, field animations, tree animations and more.
  • Changed the start menu player, farm, town and pet name fields to contain more dialog about the player.
  • Changed the starting tutorial to include most of the tools and giving more information to the player. (You’re no longer too young to be able to do anything…)
  • You will also gain an extra £1000 for completely the tutorial. The rest of the tutorial is on our list of things we would like to improve.
  • Changed safe lock off shop feature to be more quicker. (When purchasing an item at the shops, the speech from the shop keeper will not appear after each purchase).
  • Fixed mining ladder causing the player being unable to move and always showing the ladder upon enter.
  • Fixed settings issue that could cause the game to lock the players state making the following disabled (Inventory, settings and all interaction.)
  • Fixed choice speech dialog that could cause the game to lock the players state making the following disabled (Inventory, settings and all interaction.)
  • Fixed some NPC’s spawning in their old homes even when they’re married and also living at the players home.
  • Fixed starting player colour not changing after completing the tutorial.
  • Fixed collision detection on the player within certain locations.
  • Fixed female player head animations whilst carrying watering can.

Thank you everyone for playing the game and we hope to see you soon!