Steam Greenlight and Groupees Bundle

Hello fellow Blockheads,

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Clicker Life is available now on the Google Play Store Here. It's a clicker game cross with simulation aspects with villagers and town creating. You are the god of the villager. You can cast god powers to speed up time, destroy buildings, call blood moon and much more...

We've managed to get a Steam Greenlight page up in hopes to get our game Farm Life: Natures Adventure published on Steam. Our Steam Greenlight page can be found Here. We know that there are other games on Steam already that are similar but don't make them the only one on Steam.


Farm Life: Natures Adventure PC version is part of a bundle on Groupees. It is our first bundle participation and if you are interested in our games then please do support us and don't forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight. Groupees Link