Starting the Monday blog post again.

So from today we are starting the Monday blog post about our games that we are developing. The main focus at the moment is Farm Life: Natures Adventure for PC and Mobile. I haven’t forgotten about Horse Life: At The Races but I have to focus on one project at a time as being the programmer and artist it can take a long time to get it all to come together.

I would also like to discuss Farm Life: Natures Adventure and why it takes so long to update the game. First when I start out planning an update for one of our projects I have to really think it through if it’s worth putting into the game. I take into account time and storage space that is required. I also don’t want to publish an update that is mostly bug fixes. I want every update to mean something to the game. I want it to give the player more things to do that they haven’t done or been able to do. Let’s just think about the system that is already in Farm Life: Natures Adventure we have the simulation that is constantly running whilst you play as everything needs to move around you as well. When I program something into the game I immediately check it to make sure it is works and that its stable to be in the game. I have no game tester so this makes it hard for me to find every bug that are there. I know some players are waiting for the update and I do wish I could make it faster but I can only put as much time I have spare to put into it.

The best thing you can all do is support me just by reporting bugs directly to my email and suggesting features you would like to see in the game.

-Many Thanks