Quick update on Farm Life!

Quick update on Farm Life and where I stand with the project. I’ve implemented everything I desired for Farm Life. Many of you know that Farm Life is highly inspired by Harvest Moon. This causes limitations as I can only add so much inspirational features before I start getting copyright law suits filed against Farm Life.

What this means for you as the player is the game is now in a playable state and near ready for debug testing after that it’s then live on the Google Play Store.

I personally thank [Matty Harborne (Pixel Artist) and a huge thank you to his brother Ben Harborne (Musician) for their commitment to the project]

It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been working on Farm Life: Natures Adventure and it’s time to show you what I’ve been able to do within that time frame.

I hope you all enjoy the game when it’s released and I thank everyone of you for your support behind it.

Many Thanks ~ BP