Google Play Store New Policy – Two Hours To Refund Games

I’m a one man team and when this new policy came in as I released my game to the Google Play Store sales went down dramatically. I believe it’s going to be hard for small development teams or even indie studios to gain some success from this new policy.

Games on the mobile platform are suppose to keep people entertained for a short amount of time before they either get bored or simply have to return to their daily lifestyle. I know my games that I’ve created won’t keep anyone entertained for more then two hours. So when they get bored within the first two hours of gameplay they can simply cancel their order and move on.

Yes, you can only cancel the game once and the next purchase will be permanent but the odds in getting that player back with the same content is very slim. You could say build more content or just go free. I believe this is where IAP’s will be more supported which is not the way to go! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should but seems Google want to enhance IAP’s with this new policy