Google Play Store – Another Policy…

Hello, recently Google Play Store Developer alert states

Add a physical contact address Beginning September 30, 2014, you need to add a physical address to your Settings page. After you’ve added an address, it will be available on your app’s detail page to all users on Google Play. If your physical address changes, make sure to update your information on your Settings page.

If you have paid apps or apps with in-app purchases, it’s mandatory to provide a physical address where you can be contacted. If you don’t provide a physical address on your account, it may result in your apps being removed from the Play Store.

I’m asking people to step up and tell them this is a bad idea! It can cause problems for small developers just like the new policy which enforced a two hour refund policy to all users.

So about this new policy which I hate! Google Play now wants all their developers to add a physical contact address in which will be revealed to the public on the Google Play Store so they can contact you at your address. Problem is majority of the small developers don’t want to show the world where they live. My biggest concern is what other users will do with this information. A while back a man made some game called Flappy Bird which blown up like a balloon, it became very controversial and popular on the market. When Flappy Bird was taken down from the Google Play Store the developer started to the receive death threats via twitter. Which I believe if the public has this information they want us to provide will cause more issues. Not only can they threaten you but they can also visit your developer address and potential inflict bodily harm etc.

If this policy goes through I will be taking down all my applications on the Google Play Store and moving over to a different market in which this information isn’t needed.