Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes

Hello Everyone,

Here are the patch notes for our newest stable steam release version 1.1.0

New Additions

  • Added asynchronous online multiplayer.
    Multiplayer as of now is asynchronous meaning that you are all connected to the same town but you are in your own instance. You can see them and they can see you but can’t interact with your town.
    We are testing synchronous multiplayer with private local hosted servers and limited to four players as this should feel more
  • Added support for Steam trading cards, backgrounds and emoticons.
  • Added support for Steam overlay features to the main client. “Finally a Steam feature.”
  • Added all NPC to be able to attend events.
  • Added new NPC animations for stance and walking.
  • Added three new types of conversations to all NPC.
  • Added NPC date nights. You can now go on dates with NPC or just go for a walk depending on your relationship.
  • Added new tool tip to display name for each item within the players inventory when hovering over the item. “You see that fruit, what fruit?. The pixel red like an apple one.”
  • Added new toggle tool tip option in inventory.
  • Added new furniture to the players house for online interaction. (Note: If loading a save from a previous version you will need to leave the house and re-enter for it to appear.)
  • Added control scheme for farming and mining using the mouse for player one only. You hover over the area within a square radius around the player. Left-click to use tool and right-click to use seeds.
  • Added another zero to our version because of online multiplayer. Our version number will be Major, Minor, Patch, Multiplayer –
  • Added new music for all seasons and title screen. Music composed by Kevin Macleod, he is amazing. You should check his portfolio of music at
  • Added credits button to title screen.


  • Improved options menu to show more information about button and align all buttons together.
  • Improved settings menu to show more information about button and align all buttons together. “Don’t ask how you all would’ve known what they was?”
  • Fixed some collision detection with NPC animations. “Big pixels equal big collisions? Nope…”
  • Fixed duplication within inventory that could cause players food inventory to become out of sync.
  • Fixed NPC issues with loading from another section. This could lead the NPC to forget everything. “Hey, you are the new farm keeper. Hey, you are the new farm keeper. Hey, you are the new farm keeper.”
  • Fixed Horse Racing that would be unplayable after first race and improved the load time of race, riders and horses.
  • Fixed re-mappable controls generating in the background whilst not on the control menu.
  • Fixed player being able to interact with objects not assigned to the tutorial.
  • Fixed alt-tabbing out of game window could cause game window to swap to full-screen borderless.
  • Fixed text issue which could cause text to move after being visible to the players HUD.
  • Fixed alignment issues with numbers on the calendar within players house.
  • Changed part-time job to include two players. You will now receive double the money.
  • Changed animations for some icons within the inventory. “Back is now… Back!”
  • Changed font and made sure it is pre-loaded before the game starts.


  • F12 will no longer save local screenshots to desktop. This has been replaced by Steam overlay and will now be shareable to the community hub.
  • Removed some assets and programming. “Less space. I’ll take it”
  • Removed old existing font from game directory