Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.3A Patch Notes


before I start listing the patch notes, I would like to thank everyone that has expressed interest in Farm Life: Natures Adventure and the reason for the Christmas update so early is because I won’t be available during the Christmas period from the 16/12/16 – 23/12/16 due to a winter holiday. I will still be checking the support emails but just not as frequent.

Seasonal New Additions

Santa Claus is coming to town during the period of 20/12/2016 – 25/12/2016.

  • Santa Claus will now visit your home on the 25th of December through the fireplace.
  • Christmas tree, you can choose if you want to celebrate Christmas or not.
  • Festive bed cover can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Santa’s outfit can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Gnomes now wear a special outfit for Christmas when hired.


Other New Additions

  • Thunder and lightning will now produce heavy rain causing poor visibility.
  • Calendar switch, you can now have a look at all the events happening throughout the year.
  • Fireplace to the player’s home to give it a warmer feeling and for people to come down.
  • Event area will now be decorated by the mayor when an event is taking place.
  • Four new steam achievements for you hardcore players to earn.

clothing-change houseup speed-swimming toolup


  • Changed animation for heavy rain, rain and snow.
  • Changed animation for calendar seasons.
  • Changed animation for pointing arrow during tutorial.
  • Changed weather affecting all outside areas, the beach was previously restricted to not having weather but now that has changed!
  • Changed the weather layer to not follow the players HUD, now weather feels more natural.
  • Changed mayor actions, players can no longer change benches to Christmas trees.
  • Changed swimming text to include more information for the player.
  • Changed the objective in swimming to be more tailored to the newest achievement.
  • Changed swimming to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed swimming player animation.
  • Changed horse racing to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed horse racing event to show racers and horses before starting event.
  • Changed player house animation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with tutorial not continuing properly if using keyboard or mouse controls.
  • Fixed an issue with tool tip text still appearing whilst equipping seeds.
  • Fixed an issue with trees not appearing over other trees properly.
  • Fixed an issue with weather sound effects not playing after sleeping.
  • Fixed an issue with children sleeping all the time and not being able to help with duties.
  • Fixed an issue with children not entering correctly when not having a married partner.
  • Fixed an issue with small bed not changing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with summer beach day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with swimming event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with black underlay during conversations with mayor at horse racing and swimming events.
  • Fixed an issue with ground flowers not being affected by snow in rival farm.
  • Fixed an issue with movement halting whilst passing through to another part of the town.
  • Fixed an issue with movement getting stuck in one direction when speaking to NPC.
  • Fixed an issue with interaction checking every object within the players view twice.


I’ve recently been taking a look at letting other players mod Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I wanted to build a modding system for players that want to add features into the game but wouldn’t have to learn a programming language. Therefore all our future modding will be run from a basic text file.

Hope you have fun!