Farm Life: Natures Adventure -Update 1.1-

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.1 has been sent. I bet your wondering what is NEW?

-Update 1.1-
(We recommend that you start a new game to gain knowledge of the story!!!)

Added a new town map so you can see the land of your town. (This can be located within your inventory in the equipment section)

Added new playable tutorial for the starting of the game. This will add more in-depth relationship with your family as part of the story.

Added different color bedding for your single bed, double bed and baby bed. Options now include (Red, Blue and Green).

Added two new books within the bookcase for more help. (First book is Animals which shows information on how to take care and sell animals. The second book is information on buying and selling items from your inventory and the shopkeepers).

Added a new text option for more visible text. This option is make the text size bolder, bigger and white.

Fixed issue with starting intro not loading properly.
Fixed text errors whilst having conversations with other characters.
and many more bug fixes…