Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Farm Life: Natures Adventure Patch V1.1.0

When we release a stable version of Farm Life: Natures Adventure. We try our best to fix majority of the issues before releasing the update but because the simulation gets bigger and takes more resources each time we add new features. Bugs are very common and every time we test our game, we only test with certain elements of the simulation on and this can make us miss some of them.

  • Fixed farming with mouse control constantly looping causing frame rate drops.
  • Fixed interaction constantly checking if the player was near an object regardless of the simulation tick.
  • Fixed tool tip guide running the background without the player being within their inventory.
  • Fixed shops having a black overlay after purchasing an item.
  • Fixed player collision detection whilst holding certain tools and moving between different parts of the map.
  • Fixed opening times for stores that were open during midnight.
  • Fixed trees in the woods to be aligned correctly with all the other trees.
  • Changed closed stores to state they’re closed upon entering.
  • Changed the flow of the water that runs between all sections on the map.
  • Changed signs in all areas to have the name of the location you are about to enter.