Farm Life: Natures Adventure -[Mayor] Update 1.2-

Farm Life: Natures Adventure -[Mayor] Update 1.2- There is a very good reason to why this update is called Mayor.

-[Mayor] Update 1.2-

I’d like to reveal a new lighting system for Farm Life: Natures Adventure which is one of the many improvements to the overall update.

Another addition to the new lighting system on high settings is that buildings will now have lights on whilst it’s dark outside. Which gives your town a different feel and it looks like the town is alive whilst you roam outside.bio7zV4u

So lets get on with what’s the main feature of this update. Well that would be the Mayor of course! There is now a new event that happens on the 10th of Winter known as Mayor Day which you can talk to the mayor at the event area and try taking over as mayor for the town.

Well what happens if I become mayor you ask? We would like to think of this as an opportunity to give players the feature of customizing not only their character but their town.


There is so much more to do in Farm Life: Natures Adventure update 1.2

So what are you waiting for? come join the fun!
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