Farm Life: Natures Adventure Coop

Hello, I’m still deciding what is the best route to bring the game to PC. I’ve checked out a lot of distributors like, Humble Bundle Store and Steam Greenlight which I believe would all accept the work. I really need to find the one that can help get the game an audience that can follow it.

When I first decided that I would like to bring the game to PC I decided that it would need some unique features regardless of the ‘1920×1080’ resolution which most games that normally port from Mobile to PC do anyway. I planned for a drop in/drop out co-op feature that would be it interesting. Most simulation games don’t normally go for a co-op / split screen experience as the simulation is normally tailored to the single character. In Farm Life: Natures Adventure you aren’t just a second character that has just appeared you are part of the world. If your intentions are to have a family or get married, you can have a family with your co-op partner.

Please let me know what you think?