Clicker Life – Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Update 1.0.1


  • Font size has been adjusted all text will readable without binoculars.
  • Gameplay is now paused whilst running the background.
  • New game yes button to be pressed twice and that it will flash red. Starting a new game will completely override the current save and overwrite your previous google play games score!
  • Pressing the sun whilst loading a previous game would go faster but has now been disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with muting game music would mute all music and game sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with white bar appearing during title screen.
  • Fixed an issue with loading a save file without having one saved previously.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play Games.
  • Fixed an issue with version text not linking to correct website patch note post.
  • Fixed an issue with font not changing due to incorrect folder permission.
  • Fixed an issue with shorten money animation state not changing when pressed.

Hope you enjoy getting on the those leaderboards! See you on there…