Clicker Life – Update 1.0.0 Patch Notes


Today I’m happy to be bringing a new update to Clicker Life. When I first started this project I was begged by my cousin to make such game. I also like to make a certain twist on a game genre so that is why I decided to merge village simulation into the mix.

I’m aware of how many people are interested in this type of genre and how many people are currently enjoying the game. Therefore I would like to show what is new!

Update 1.0.0

New Additions

  • Added Title Screen – Did you purchase the wrong thing? maybe you want to start again… here is your chance. Pressing the sun during the loading screen will remove the main menu and force loading a save. Generation will still happen in the background regardless.
  • Added Cloud Gods – Clicker life just got an auto clicker you can now purchase cloud gods that will fly in the sky and generate bronze coin income every second.
  • Added New Gods – Three new Greek gods have been added (Poseidon, Ares and Hades) that can visit your village.

    Poseidon – has a small chance of bringing five villagers with him as he enters.
    Hades – has a small chance of bringing five zombies with him as he enters.
    Ares – will fight off any zombies that have spawned during a blood moon.

  • Added Strong finger, you can now crush your villagers! go get those zombies!
  • Added Shorten money option to change coin price from 2000/5000/10500 to 2K/5K/10.5K and so fourth.
  • Added Coin checker to notify the player when their coins do not exceed current building price.
  • Added Bronze in-game reward for players that link google play games to the game.
  • Added Bus stop in the middle of your village. Buses will stop and drop some villagers off depending on what you’ve built.


  • Changed the price of rush hour god power from 5000 to 2000 per shop.
  • Changed prices for buildings in the shop to reflect income.
  • Changed in-game font to give better visbility to the text.
  • Changed length of option menu to adjust for other options.
  • Changed mansion and manor no longer needing wealthy villagers to live there. A park is required to built.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase full game key from the google play store.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase a building with the correct coin currency.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play leaderboards not updating correct gold amount.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play leaderboards not synchronising with other players.
  • Fixed an issue with fire station spawning more then one fire engine.
  • Fixed an issue with destroying fire station with meteor would cause fire engine to remain.
  • Fixed an issue with distribution centre vehicle wouldn’t deliver the package proper.
  • Fixed an issue with shops and other sellers not displaying correct totals of sales.
  • Fixed an issue with shoe shop not generating correct silver coins.
  • Fixed an issue with coin counters clipping through HUD.
  • Fixed an issue with driving NPC would get stuck in the middle of the road.
  • Fixed an issue with driving NPC animation showing a different gender upon exit.