Click, Clicker and Clicker Life…

We've spent a couple of weeks developing a new game that is now available on the Google Play Store. You can download it directly to your mobile from here Clicker Life

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Clicker Life is a clicker game with a simulated town

You can spend all your hard earned coins on over twenty unique buildings for your town and summon game changing god powers that affect your town.

Leaderboards, achievements and more…

We have set up leaderboards for the highest gold collector which is the highest coin value in to the game and you can also earn achievements that gift you a little extra.

In-App Purchase

This is the first game we have made that contains In-App purchases ( Support Developer Key). Everything that can be unlocked by purchasing the In-App Purchase will random happen regardless of owning the (Support Developer Key). We would like to thank our alpha tester in making this happen and we hope to have more games available for you in the future.