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Steam Greenlight and Groupees Bundle

Hello fellow Blockheads,

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Clicker Life is available now on the Google Play Store Here. It's a clicker game cross with simulation aspects with villagers and town creating. You are the god of the villager. You can cast god powers to speed up time, destroy buildings, call blood moon and much more...

We've managed to get a Steam Greenlight page up in hopes to get our game Farm Life: Natures Adventure published on Steam. Our Steam Greenlight page can be found Here. We know that there are other games on Steam already that are similar but don't make them the only one on Steam.


Farm Life: Natures Adventure PC version is part of a bundle on Groupees. It is our first bundle participation and if you are interested in our games then please do support us and don't forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight. Groupees Link

Click, Clicker and Clicker Life…

We've spent a couple of weeks developing a new game that is now available on the Google Play Store. You can download it directly to your mobile from here Clicker Life

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Clicker Life is a clicker game with a simulated town

You can spend all your hard earned coins on over twenty unique buildings for your town and summon game changing god powers that affect your town.

Leaderboards, achievements and more…

We have set up leaderboards for the highest gold collector which is the highest coin value in to the game and you can also earn achievements that gift you a little extra.

In-App Purchase

This is the first game we have made that contains In-App purchases ( Support Developer Key). Everything that can be unlocked by purchasing the In-App Purchase will random happen regardless of owning the (Support Developer Key). We would like to thank our alpha tester in making this happen and we hope to have more games available for you in the future.

Hello from the other side.

Whilst deciding what to do next with Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I’ve chosen the Humble Bundle Store to be our best bet in getting exposure to our game. When we are ready to bring the game to PC and we will do our best to get it to steam very soon.

Waiting to play the game? I’ve put a demo on this website (You can find it in our demo section – Farm Life: Natures Adventure Demo) that allows you to play thirty (30) minutes within the game. You can choose to explore the town, candidates, farms and everything else the game has to offer. The game will not save your progress during the demo and will reset when the timer hits zero (0). If you are interested in purchasing the game then you can find it on our homepage the game is currently priced at $1.00 / £0.79 / €0.88 and the same value for any other local currency’s.

If you are a twitch streamer or youtuber please fill out the form below and I’d be happy to send you a code to redeem to your humble account which will gain you access to all the updates in the future.

Update 1.6 is ready to be published!

We have now polished and finished Update 1.6 for Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I know this has taken a while and I’m happy to get it out to all of you that love playing it.

-Update 1.6-
★Added support for coop play(PC only).
★Added support for controller(PC only).
★Added support for graphical options(PC only).
★Added race selection for your character.
★Added trees to your farm that allow you to grow fruit (apples, pears, oranges and cherry’s). You will be able to see your trees grow from nothing to something in the matter of days. Maybe waiting a little longer for that extra piece.
★Added pickaxe to players inventory to allow use of mining. The pickaxe is located in your inventory > equipment > other tools slot > pickaxe.
★Added trains to take the player from the marketplace to the rival farm. The train is the safest way to get from one side of the map to the other. It is quick and completes the journey in no time.
★Added rival farm which is just a train away. You can also compete with this farm by getting your rating up by planting crops, gaining new animals and even just playing. Your rating bar will only appear whilst outside in your farm area.
★Added a mountain that players can now mine for the new ores (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald and Diamond). The cave in which you enter is randomly generated either upon exit, overnight or another floor. You must go down the mine to reach better ores.
★Added in a new movement system that allows the player to simply press the arrow movement instead of the current touch function. I’ve also added a new button near the options menu to allow your character to move slower.
★Added NPCs to randomly appear in certain parts of the town, marketplace, beach and rival farm.
★Added four new NPCs (Lily, Spencer, Gazania and Carleon). Lily is part of the rival farm and sister to Spencer though you cannot have a relationship you can still become friends. Spencer is part of the rival farm and brother to Lily though you cannot have a relationship you can still become friends. Gazania and Carleon are both a newest relationship candidates. When I added race into the game I decided it was time to add some different characters in that could support the new functionality hopefully you will see what I mean.
★Added new customization options to the starting menu that allows players to choose their characters more towards them. You can now select gender, race and colour of starting clothes. There is also a preview window where you can see your character before you begin.
★Added in new shopkeeper (Lurica) mother of Gazania and Carleon which currently sells trees that can grow in your farm. You can have a maximum of five trees and once planted they cannot be returned. That purple shop that was in the town has now opened for business.
★Added another new shopkeeper (Mary) she currently has nothing for sale but has opened her shop to show you the upcoming fashion she can provide. She will also let you switched your clothing in store if you haven’t purchased the upgraded house. Each time you visit she will be wearing different types of clothing.
★Added water reflection for most of the objects that appear over the water.
★Added in a new options system that has taken away most of the clutter and just keeps it simple.
★Added a new shopping system that now shows prices more better on your items and the shopkeepers.
★Added Lii U in your home that will allow you to access cheats if you know them. This was done by character name but decided to change the system.
★Added new inventory space for fruit and ores. I’ve moved currently grown crops into its own section. Eventually I would like to make the inventory system simpler maybe in one big section but I’ll leave it for now.
★Revamped game time. Patch 1.5 timer was 10 real-life minutes to complete a whole day. Now it’s 15 real-life minutes to complete a whole day.

Bug Fixes
★Fixed NPC issue some NPC not accepting their proper gifts.
★Fixed Intro issue in which the intro wouldn’t follow progression.
★Fixed Detection issue collisions bouncing the player out of bounds.
★Fixed Animal issue where dying animals would become permanently dead every night.
★Fixed Gifting issue certain crops and item were not giftable
★Fixed Money issue where the money would over count and sometimes appear over the HUD.

★Removed time skip option from the menu. Added feature to allow you to be able skip time when interacting at the bedside table.
★Removed get mail through online connection as this was running the background which could take a lot of mobile data. Decided to add more mail from your parents and relationships.

Patch notes are too long for me to continue on what I’ve added/fixed/removed. Those of you that are interested in the PC version it is ready.

Update incoming! We are nearly finished on Update 1.6 and we can’t wait to show you!

Hello, we've nearly finished finalizing the update. We could publish it now but there is one feature that we would definitely like to add.

When we first started the character customization screen, we didn't really know what we should add in there as information for the player. It's now been updated with Gender selection, race selection, colour Selection and pet selection. There is also a preview slot where you can see your character before you decide on your character.

I've so much to show you in the upcoming hours of what we have added to Farm Life. If you haven't please show your support and check out Farm Life: Natures Adventure on your android mobile.


Farm Life: Natures Adventure Coop

Hello, I’m still deciding what is the best route to bring the game to PC. I’ve checked out a lot of distributors like, Humble Bundle Store and Steam Greenlight which I believe would all accept the work. I really need to find the one that can help get the game an audience that can follow it.

When I first decided that I would like to bring the game to PC I decided that it would need some unique features regardless of the ‘1920×1080’ resolution which most games that normally port from Mobile to PC do anyway. I planned for a drop in/drop out co-op feature that would be it interesting. Most simulation games don’t normally go for a co-op / split screen experience as the simulation is normally tailored to the single character. In Farm Life: Natures Adventure you aren’t just a second character that has just appeared you are part of the world. If your intentions are to have a family or get married, you can have a family with your co-op partner.

Please let me know what you think?

Not quite Monday but still here is to another post.

I know that I should keep on top of making the blog post regularly but I haven’t had much to time to do so. I would like to say that hopefully this week will be the launch of Farm Life: Natures Adventure and that our steam greenlight page will be up on the 24th of February so if you would like to help us reach our goal then please subscribe to this blog and wait for our other announcement. I haven’t updated the game since November which is a really long time but this update has a lot of cool new features. We have even got a twitch streamer that plays our build daily on his channel TheHowlingPrivateer.

I’ve added in a new mode of transport which will open up new game mechanics that I didn’t introduce. download

Starting the Monday blog post again.

So from today we are starting the Monday blog post about our games that we are developing. The main focus at the moment is Farm Life: Natures Adventure for PC and Mobile. I haven’t forgotten about Horse Life: At The Races but I have to focus on one project at a time as being the programmer and artist it can take a long time to get it all to come together.

I would also like to discuss Farm Life: Natures Adventure and why it takes so long to update the game. First when I start out planning an update for one of our projects I have to really think it through if it’s worth putting into the game. I take into account time and storage space that is required. I also don’t want to publish an update that is mostly bug fixes. I want every update to mean something to the game. I want it to give the player more things to do that they haven’t done or been able to do. Let’s just think about the system that is already in Farm Life: Natures Adventure we have the simulation that is constantly running whilst you play as everything needs to move around you as well. When I program something into the game I immediately check it to make sure it is works and that its stable to be in the game. I have no game tester so this makes it hard for me to find every bug that are there. I know some players are waiting for the update and I do wish I could make it faster but I can only put as much time I have spare to put into it.

The best thing you can all do is support me just by reporting bugs directly to my email and suggesting features you would like to see in the game.

-Many Thanks

Well now that it is over… Time to get back on it.

Hello, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year. Hopefully this year will be as good as last year and we can bring even more titles to you. I’m also looking into getting a wider audience for the game. We have decided that we would like to support ‘ThaLegend‘ Live Stream by giving him access to a development build of Farm Life: Natures Adventure PC port which he will be showing later this week.  I will be giving youtube channel ‘AgniKai Productions‘ our first review copy of the PC port.

*PC features*
Full controller support (Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers).
Coop support for two players (Keyboard or controller).
Render pixel art in finer detail up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Google Play Services Cloud sharing your mobile game save to your PC game.
Much more…

I have made the PC version available to pre-purchase by purchasing now you will receive the first available demo when ready and a copy of the android version now. If we decide to steam greenlight you will receive a redeemable key.                          >>Purchase Here<<

Now let’s get on with the updates coming to Farm Life: Natures Adventure for PC and mobile.

  • Ethnicity – I added this feature because I wanted people to feel like they are part of the game. The choices you make it game should also reflect the person you are in life and to do that you at least need the character to be a representation of you.
  • Farm Rating – Your farm will be scored overall on the type of crops you have growing during seasons, how many animals you have on your farm that are healthy and you will be able to watch your progression better using this feature. This will also have a leaderboard on the Google Play Store to complete with other people online.
  • Rival – When you first start your farm you will be assigned a rival on another farm that will compete against your farm. You can visit the rival farm using the nearby railway system that will take you on a journey.
  • Much more…

Here is a sneak peak.