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Clicker Life – Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Update 1.0.2

New Additions

  • Parking lot cars will now come in a variety of different colours.
  • Air balloons will now come in a variety of different colours.


  • All building prices have been reduced due to feedback.
  • Name of distribution centre has been changed to warehouse.
  • Parking lot vehicles now spawn correctly and no longer do not appear floating.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with parking lots causing vehicles to drive in the air.
  • Fixed an issue with parking lot vehicles not leaving when exiting the village.
  • Fixed an issue with resource tower deducting bronze coins instead of silver coins.
  • Fixed an issue with windmill turbines not destroying when building is demolished.
  • Fixed an issue with windmill turbines loading incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with store sales appearing incorrectly e.g(2/1 – 1/2 = Total Sales/Potential Sales).

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.3A Patch Notes


before I start listing the patch notes, I would like to thank everyone that has expressed interest in Farm Life: Natures Adventure and the reason for the Christmas update so early is because I won’t be available during the Christmas period from the 16/12/16 – 23/12/16 due to a winter holiday. I will still be checking the support emails but just not as frequent.

Seasonal New Additions

Santa Claus is coming to town during the period of 20/12/2016 – 25/12/2016.

  • Santa Claus will now visit your home on the 25th of December through the fireplace.
  • Christmas tree, you can choose if you want to celebrate Christmas or not.
  • Festive bed cover can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Santa’s outfit can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Gnomes now wear a special outfit for Christmas when hired.


Other New Additions

  • Thunder and lightning will now produce heavy rain causing poor visibility.
  • Calendar switch, you can now have a look at all the events happening throughout the year.
  • Fireplace to the player’s home to give it a warmer feeling and for people to come down.
  • Event area will now be decorated by the mayor when an event is taking place.
  • Four new steam achievements for you hardcore players to earn.

clothing-change houseup speed-swimming toolup


  • Changed animation for heavy rain, rain and snow.
  • Changed animation for calendar seasons.
  • Changed animation for pointing arrow during tutorial.
  • Changed weather affecting all outside areas, the beach was previously restricted to not having weather but now that has changed!
  • Changed the weather layer to not follow the players HUD, now weather feels more natural.
  • Changed mayor actions, players can no longer change benches to Christmas trees.
  • Changed swimming text to include more information for the player.
  • Changed the objective in swimming to be more tailored to the newest achievement.
  • Changed swimming to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed swimming player animation.
  • Changed horse racing to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed horse racing event to show racers and horses before starting event.
  • Changed player house animation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with tutorial not continuing properly if using keyboard or mouse controls.
  • Fixed an issue with tool tip text still appearing whilst equipping seeds.
  • Fixed an issue with trees not appearing over other trees properly.
  • Fixed an issue with weather sound effects not playing after sleeping.
  • Fixed an issue with children sleeping all the time and not being able to help with duties.
  • Fixed an issue with children not entering correctly when not having a married partner.
  • Fixed an issue with small bed not changing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with summer beach day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with swimming event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with black underlay during conversations with mayor at horse racing and swimming events.
  • Fixed an issue with ground flowers not being affected by snow in rival farm.
  • Fixed an issue with movement halting whilst passing through to another part of the town.
  • Fixed an issue with movement getting stuck in one direction when speaking to NPC.
  • Fixed an issue with interaction checking every object within the players view twice.


I’ve recently been taking a look at letting other players mod Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I wanted to build a modding system for players that want to add features into the game but wouldn’t have to learn a programming language. Therefore all our future modding will be run from a basic text file.

Hope you have fun!

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.2a Patch Notes


Patch Notes V1.2.2a – Tutorial Fixes


  • Changed tutorial to now identify actions without speaking to father during the tutorial.
  • Changed tutorial to show more information to the player during conversations.
  • Changed font to improve text density with background.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with tutorial not continuing correctly once days have passed.
  • Fixed an issue with arrow pointing to wrong items within the inventory during the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with closing the backpack during the tutorial would cause tooltip to stay on HUD.
  • Fixed an issue with Action Key not closing calendar and bookshelf correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to use mouse during tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with current tool being used whilst closing the backpack.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to equip hoe during tutorial whilst on planting seeds section.
  • Fixed an issue with debug pop up showing whilst planting tutorial seed.
  • Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes during the tutorial.

Note: This patch will not cause any issues with your previous save file.

Clicker Life – Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Update 1.0.1


  • Font size has been adjusted all text will readable without binoculars.
  • Gameplay is now paused whilst running the background.
  • New game yes button to be pressed twice and that it will flash red. Starting a new game will completely override the current save and overwrite your previous google play games score!
  • Pressing the sun whilst loading a previous game would go faster but has now been disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with muting game music would mute all music and game sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with white bar appearing during title screen.
  • Fixed an issue with loading a save file without having one saved previously.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play Games.
  • Fixed an issue with version text not linking to correct website patch note post.
  • Fixed an issue with font not changing due to incorrect folder permission.
  • Fixed an issue with shorten money animation state not changing when pressed.

Hope you enjoy getting on the those leaderboards! See you on there…

Clicker Life – Update 1.0.0 Patch Notes


Today I’m happy to be bringing a new update to Clicker Life. When I first started this project I was begged by my cousin to make such game. I also like to make a certain twist on a game genre so that is why I decided to merge village simulation into the mix.

I’m aware of how many people are interested in this type of genre and how many people are currently enjoying the game. Therefore I would like to show what is new!

Update 1.0.0

New Additions

  • Added Title Screen – Did you purchase the wrong thing? maybe you want to start again… here is your chance. Pressing the sun during the loading screen will remove the main menu and force loading a save. Generation will still happen in the background regardless.
  • Added Cloud Gods – Clicker life just got an auto clicker you can now purchase cloud gods that will fly in the sky and generate bronze coin income every second.
  • Added New Gods – Three new Greek gods have been added (Poseidon, Ares and Hades) that can visit your village.

    Poseidon – has a small chance of bringing five villagers with him as he enters.
    Hades – has a small chance of bringing five zombies with him as he enters.
    Ares – will fight off any zombies that have spawned during a blood moon.

  • Added Strong finger, you can now crush your villagers! go get those zombies!
  • Added Shorten money option to change coin price from 2000/5000/10500 to 2K/5K/10.5K and so fourth.
  • Added Coin checker to notify the player when their coins do not exceed current building price.
  • Added Bronze in-game reward for players that link google play games to the game.
  • Added Bus stop in the middle of your village. Buses will stop and drop some villagers off depending on what you’ve built.


  • Changed the price of rush hour god power from 5000 to 2000 per shop.
  • Changed prices for buildings in the shop to reflect income.
  • Changed in-game font to give better visbility to the text.
  • Changed length of option menu to adjust for other options.
  • Changed mansion and manor no longer needing wealthy villagers to live there. A park is required to built.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase full game key from the google play store.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase a building with the correct coin currency.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play leaderboards not updating correct gold amount.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play leaderboards not synchronising with other players.
  • Fixed an issue with fire station spawning more then one fire engine.
  • Fixed an issue with destroying fire station with meteor would cause fire engine to remain.
  • Fixed an issue with distribution centre vehicle wouldn’t deliver the package proper.
  • Fixed an issue with shops and other sellers not displaying correct totals of sales.
  • Fixed an issue with shoe shop not generating correct silver coins.
  • Fixed an issue with coin counters clipping through HUD.
  • Fixed an issue with driving NPC would get stuck in the middle of the road.
  • Fixed an issue with driving NPC animation showing a different gender upon exit.

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.2 Patch Notes


Patch Notes V1.2.2

New Additions

  • Temporarily implemented New game+

New game+ – If you already have a previous save that doesn’t match the current game version. You will see this button appear normally where the load game button appears. New game+ allows you to start the game again with majority of your previous work carried over to a newer save file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to plant seeds.
  • Fixed an issue with player body or hands not loading correctly.
  • Fixed an issue were a save file could become corrupt.

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes

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Update 1.2 for both Steam and Mobile. We suggest upon every new update to start a new game as bugs may appear due to loading incorrect parts of the game.

Halloween Content

  • Added masks for NPCs during Halloween.
  • Added more events during the period of October. **
  • Added secret locations and hidden entrances.
  • Changed birds to become crows during Halloween.
  • Changed the title screen during Halloween. **
** – Affected by date / time set on your Operating System.

New Additions

  • Added clothing shop – Violet is the new shopkeeper in town and she will sell you loads of new clothing from top to bottom. Violet is the first shopkeeper to be able to have discounts on certain products during the year, maybe waiting for a sale?
  • Added clothing for the player that can be purchased at clothing shop.
  • Added bees, you can now purchase bee hives from Tom the old farmer at the marketplace.
    Bee hives will be located within the farm, right next door to the chicken coop. They will have their own patch ready for when you purchase the hives.
    Bees produce honey everyday except in winter as they like to keep their honey to themselves during this season. “Get behind a fellow, black and yellow”
  • Added birds, birds will fly away from you when you’re too close. They’ll land on wooden fences, house tops and tree branchs.
  • Added frame rate pacing due to frame rate dropping when no frames needed to be updated on the clients screen. This will improve majority of animations that didn’t sync due to a frame rate spike.
  • Added honey to the inventory system, this can be located in the inventory through Animal Care > Animal Items > Farm Produce. This also splits the animal section into two animal produces Milk, Wool, Egg and Manure then other Honey.
  • Added floating icons above all shop keepers so you can identify the shop keeper upon entering.
  • Added option to change the alarm clock to midnight. So you can walk in the dark, see the night light up and visit shops during the early morning.
  • Added audio and more information to when there is an event taking place and trying to enter a building which is closed.
  • Added rotatable character model on character customization menu.


  • Changed in-game time from 6 am to 9 am when finishing the tutorial. This should allow you shop on the first day and enter majority of the buildings.
  • Changed in-game timer to be extended for a longer period. PC: from 12 to 15 minutes / Mobile: from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Changed corn field within the marketplace area, so that the player no longer clips through the corn.
  • Changed old farmer to Tomwares which is now open from 8 am till 4 pm. Tom will sell all buildings for your farm.
  • Changed map to reflect the changes to the farm and other parts of the town.
  • Changed controller dead-zone area. This will make it better for controlling the player if you’re using an old controller.
  • Changed pickaxe effectiveness when mining ore from 1/2/5/10 to 1/3/5/10.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Steam to not unlock achievements when all requirements are fulfilled.
  • Fixed an issue with Steam overlay not responding correctly due to frame rate issue – “Implementation of frame rate pacing”
  • Fixed an issue with co-op partner spawning at the first player location which would cause it to glitch backwards into another section.
  • Fixed an issue with all RNG functions to become more effective when dealing with smaller chance rate.
  • Fixed an issue with shops having a black overlay after purchasing an item.
  • Fixed an issue with glove equipment no longer working outside of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with removing seeds from the HUD would cause the counter to freeze/lock.
  • Fixed an issue with fishing rod always causing the player to turn right upon casting.
  • Fixed an issue with price clipping issue with selling produce at the shop.
  • Fixed an issue with pickaxe tool not working correctly in certain instances.
  • Fixed an issue with two player milking and shearing animals would cause the second player to use first players animation.
  • Fixed an issue with love hearts from appearing whilst talking to shopkeepers.
  • Fixed an issue with saving the game with a controller connected, then loading and playing without a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with old functions that are no longer available.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC characters spawning outside during working hours, marriage or late at night.

Other Notes – Steam Version Only

  • Removed networking until further testing can be done with the newest systems in place.


Sorry about the issues and bugs that have plagued the game. I hope everything is much better now! Please be aware that the patch is currently processing and should be with you all within a couple of hours.

Happy Farming! – BP

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Farm Life: Natures Adventure Patch V1.1.0

When we release a stable version of Farm Life: Natures Adventure. We try our best to fix majority of the issues before releasing the update but because the simulation gets bigger and takes more resources each time we add new features. Bugs are very common and every time we test our game, we only test with certain elements of the simulation on and this can make us miss some of them.

  • Fixed farming with mouse control constantly looping causing frame rate drops.
  • Fixed interaction constantly checking if the player was near an object regardless of the simulation tick.
  • Fixed tool tip guide running the background without the player being within their inventory.
  • Fixed shops having a black overlay after purchasing an item.
  • Fixed player collision detection whilst holding certain tools and moving between different parts of the map.
  • Fixed opening times for stores that were open during midnight.
  • Fixed trees in the woods to be aligned correctly with all the other trees.
  • Changed closed stores to state they’re closed upon entering.
  • Changed the flow of the water that runs between all sections on the map.
  • Changed signs in all areas to have the name of the location you are about to enter.