Are there many people interested in card games?

Today I released an update for Farm Life: Nature Adventure which consists of 

  • Google Play social has been added (Login via the options menu on the start menu)
  • Added eight new achievements that can be unlocked when you sign in using google play.
  • Updated to our new engine which will decrease the amount of memory loaded at one time. (Overall Performance)
  • Updated on Ludei's new engine this should improve the building not loading. (Overall Performance)
  • Fixed female gender starting with blue clothing instead of pink. (Bug)
  • Removed programming that would constaintly loop. (Overall Performance)
  • Removed christmas event and christmas music.

This now leads onto my question. 

The picture on the left shows the game in play. You have a plan phase, battle phase, plan extra phase and end turn phase. Planning phases allow you to summon cards from your hand to the field in you have enough Ruby to summon it. Ruby is displayed in the middle of the board it will increase each turn you play. Ruby can be seen on each card also with the static attack and defense that card will have.

The picture on the right. If you want to check out more details about the card or you simply cannot see the attack and defense applied to the card. You can drag the magnifier card over the card you would like to know more about and it will show you more information. Including the type of card, description, attack and defense. If the card has been powered up by a magic this information will also be displayed.