★Gnomes At Home Update 1.5★

★Gnomes At Home Update 1.5★

★Added Gnomes (Bobbotonga, Genevievera, Mitterowizz and Valentinore) which can help with your farm duties.

Bobbotonga the gnome that loves the colour red for £50 a day they will perform the following duties:

  • Water your seeds on a dry day.
  • Pick them up for you when they’re ready.

Genervievera the gnome that loves the colour yellow for £50 a day they will perform the following duties:

  • Take care of your animals feed them and brush them.
  • Get milk, horse manure and shear your animals for you.

Mitterowizz the gnome that loves the colour blue for £10 a day they will perform the following duties:

  • Fish at the marketplace for you earning you some decent amount of fish.
  • Mitterowizz cannot fish in the winter therefore he will not charge.

Valentinore the gnome that loves the colour pink for £3000 they will perform a love spell that will make all your relationships double.

★Added Mixer to your house.

Mixer allows you to make different types of food by mixing ingredients like cheese, salad and much more.

★Added Hoe upgrade to max level four.

Hoe Upgrade now has a level four which can hit 3×3 square.

★Added Square tile for farm locating correcting square and showing upgrade levels.
★Added Horse manure in which can be used to fertilize seeds to make them grow quicker.

Horses now produce horse manure which can be collected everyday using your gloves equipment near the animal. Horse manure can be used on seeds to fertilize them and make them grow quicker. Fertilizer doesn’t work on a crops that keep growing after being picked example being potatoes

★Added New features to your pet which allows you to go for walks.

Pets you can now talk your pet for walks to the beach or just around the town. Pets will also find different items from the ground every so often.

★Added Mail box interaction.

Mail box you will now receive letters from your family and even the creator for all your hard work on the farm.

★Added Safe lock mode to animal shop for animal feed.
★Added loads more features can you find them all?
★Fixed Issue with entering some houses.
★Fixed Lighting issue that would cause some screens to be completely blank.
★Fixed Issue with character clothing.
★Removed text option and forced big text for everyone.
★Removed some programming that was no longer needed.