★BlockWorld Update 1.1★


I’ve decided to go back and update BlockWorld with all the suggestions I’ve gain over the past year from the Google Play Store.

★Update Log 1.1★

★Optimized BlockWorld using our new game engine and Ludei 2.0.2.
★Unique death animation which is different for each character and shows where you died.
★Adjusted all levels making them flow better.
★Added 10 new levels making the total of 50 levels
★Added a Debug mode for FPS, Objects, Collisions CPS and Character (Developer Option)
★New game mode (Hardcore) – 3 Lives and the timer is on
★New game mode (Freeplay) – 999 Lives and the timer is off
★New game over screen has main menu and replay
★New control scheme using our new touch system from our next project
★Unlockable Characters – Characters can only be unlocked whilst playing Hardcore mode
★New splash screen our new game team.
★Render blocks on run time which saves space
★Removed Facebook, leaderboards and random unused icons
★New Android icon for home screen and Google play store
★Overall performance and graphic improvements

BlockWorld Image

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