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Primal Lands Update – V0.0.1

Primal Lands Update V0.0.1
Optimized Code

  • Updated internal software and compiler using the newer steam SDK.

New Features
  • Added Enemy tribes, enemy tribes will now set up a camp that is not occupied by another tribe.
  • Note: Enemy tribes will visit during the night and set up a camp, enemy camp fires will not emit any light or heat for your tribe members. Enemy tribes can only attack tribe members that are currently not in a job, this is until we implement tribe members that can protect your territory and guard other tribe members.
  • Added Tribe death, tribe members will now die from starvation, heatstroke or hypothermia.
  • Note: Tribe members being attacked by enemies will also need to heal in casing of bleeding out. When all tribe members are dead, your game will end choose to fight wisely!
  • Added Tribe health meter to Tribe Statistics HUD.
  • Note: Health meter will appear disfunction if the tribe member is currently in diseased status.
  • Added Tribe hover and worker icons for both stonemason, forestry and quarry buildings.
  • Added Music to tribal dance, tribe members will now perform a rhythmic dance. Tribe members will only be recruited if the dance is identical if not be prepared to fight them!
  • Added Gameover screen when all your tribe has died which displays have many days you managed to survive.
  • Added Restore to default settings in the options menu.
  • Note: If none of your controls are working please using this feature as it will correct these issues.
  • Added Font size for tooltips video settings in the options menu. (Please note this does not affect build menu or resources menu) - (Suggested by: Monkofmimmir)
  • Added Spawning for mammals that have despawned or been killed.
  • Added Destroy Buildings, there is now a new icon to the building menu to which you can now right click and destroy buildings.
  • Note: You will not obtain any resource back from built building, this will be in the next update.
  • Added Creative option to disable enemy tribes from spawning.
  • Added More keyboard keys for control options.
  • Added More tree textures to give more variety in placement.
  • Added Pause option to speed settings (Pause/x1/x5/x10/x20) - Following key changes below keys are ([ / ]) to adjust speed.
  • Added Save game/Load game option only one save can be made per game mode (Survival and Creative). Load game will only be visible when you have at least one saved game.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with tribe drag option not removing whilst using in-game menu.
  • Fixed an issue with camera sensitivity option being locked due to incorrect value.
  • Fixed an issue with steam overlay not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with picking up tribe members whilst navigating the options menu.
  • Fixed an issue with mammals leaving the land but not despawning.
  • Fixed an issue with player camera moving to fast resulting in a white screen.
  • Fixed an issue with arrows overlaying tribe members during a tribal war.
  • Fixed an issue with changes to audio settings whilst in-game would not change volume until the current session was ended.
  • Fixed an issue with exiting a game and replaying another would cause lighting to resume.
  • Fixed an issue with tutorial rescue could become stuck during tribal dance.
  • Fixed an issue with HUD during creative mode that would cause creation tab to glitch.
  • Fixed an issue with Tribe collision detection slightly offset.
  • Fixed an issue with Tribe hunger and temperature HUD not displaying properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Urok hand collision not detecting cursor speed and position properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Exiting during a playthrough would cause time to stop functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Tribe exiting out during a tribal dance and clothing wouldn't stay in one place.
  • Fixed an issue with Music not playing properly when reloading a map.
  • Fixed an issue with Audio playback only playing at a selected location.
  • Fixed an issue with Music not changing after playing once.

  • Changes made for Deer AI to now eat berries from bushes that are not being occupied by tribe members.
  • Changes made for Animal AI to detect blood in distance to tribe members.
  • Changes made for spawning mammals on generation. (Mammals will be restricted to deers for the first five days of playtime)
  • Changes made for cloud generation and movement.
  • Changes made for speed up and down key commands from (- / + to [ / ])
  • Changes made for steam overlay to bring up community hub tab for direct feedback.
  • Changes made to water texture to seem more integrated with the land.

  • Removed development double clicking from spawning enemy tribes.
  • Removed development option with being able to bring up debug console.
  • Removed development faster speed options / shortcuts being used.
  • Removed unused code.

Clicker Life – Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Update 1.0.2

New Additions

  • Parking lot cars will now come in a variety of different colours.
  • Air balloons will now come in a variety of different colours.


  • All building prices have been reduced due to feedback.
  • Name of distribution centre has been changed to warehouse.
  • Parking lot vehicles now spawn correctly and no longer do not appear floating.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with parking lots causing vehicles to drive in the air.
  • Fixed an issue with parking lot vehicles not leaving when exiting the village.
  • Fixed an issue with resource tower deducting bronze coins instead of silver coins.
  • Fixed an issue with windmill turbines not destroying when building is demolished.
  • Fixed an issue with windmill turbines loading incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with store sales appearing incorrectly e.g(2/1 – 1/2 = Total Sales/Potential Sales).

Farm Life: Natures Adventure – Update 1.2.3A Patch Notes


before I start listing the patch notes, I would like to thank everyone that has expressed interest in Farm Life: Natures Adventure and the reason for the Christmas update so early is because I won’t be available during the Christmas period from the 16/12/16 – 23/12/16 due to a winter holiday. I will still be checking the support emails but just not as frequent.

Seasonal New Additions

Santa Claus is coming to town during the period of 20/12/2016 – 25/12/2016.

  • Santa Claus will now visit your home on the 25th of December through the fireplace.
  • Christmas tree, you can choose if you want to celebrate Christmas or not.
  • Festive bed cover can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Santa’s outfit can now be unlocked through the event of Christmas.
  • Gnomes now wear a special outfit for Christmas when hired.


Other New Additions

  • Thunder and lightning will now produce heavy rain causing poor visibility.
  • Calendar switch, you can now have a look at all the events happening throughout the year.
  • Fireplace to the player’s home to give it a warmer feeling and for people to come down.
  • Event area will now be decorated by the mayor when an event is taking place.
  • Four new steam achievements for you hardcore players to earn.

clothing-change houseup speed-swimming toolup


  • Changed animation for heavy rain, rain and snow.
  • Changed animation for calendar seasons.
  • Changed animation for pointing arrow during tutorial.
  • Changed weather affecting all outside areas, the beach was previously restricted to not having weather but now that has changed!
  • Changed the weather layer to not follow the players HUD, now weather feels more natural.
  • Changed mayor actions, players can no longer change benches to Christmas trees.
  • Changed swimming text to include more information for the player.
  • Changed the objective in swimming to be more tailored to the newest achievement.
  • Changed swimming to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed swimming player animation.
  • Changed horse racing to skip the next day events upon completion.
  • Changed horse racing event to show racers and horses before starting event.
  • Changed player house animation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with tutorial not continuing properly if using keyboard or mouse controls.
  • Fixed an issue with tool tip text still appearing whilst equipping seeds.
  • Fixed an issue with trees not appearing over other trees properly.
  • Fixed an issue with weather sound effects not playing after sleeping.
  • Fixed an issue with children sleeping all the time and not being able to help with duties.
  • Fixed an issue with children not entering correctly when not having a married partner.
  • Fixed an issue with small bed not changing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with summer beach day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with swimming event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing day event not starting properly.
  • Fixed an issue with horse racing event not ending.
  • Fixed an issue with black underlay during conversations with mayor at horse racing and swimming events.
  • Fixed an issue with ground flowers not being affected by snow in rival farm.
  • Fixed an issue with movement halting whilst passing through to another part of the town.
  • Fixed an issue with movement getting stuck in one direction when speaking to NPC.
  • Fixed an issue with interaction checking every object within the players view twice.


I’ve recently been taking a look at letting other players mod Farm Life: Natures Adventure. I wanted to build a modding system for players that want to add features into the game but wouldn’t have to learn a programming language. Therefore all our future modding will be run from a basic text file.

Hope you have fun!